Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ceramic Drawing

Painting Plates 3

One of the bad things about blogging during the holidays is that there is so much that you can't share. I've been trying to work on some Christmas gifts but I can't post pictures of them because they would be easily identified. When I saw this post over at Soulemama I thought I would go ahead and share our project. It's fun to see one of your favorite people doing the same type of project you are.

She took her ceramic markers and embellished coffee cups and we used ours to make Christmas plates to deliver baked treats on. These markers have become one of my favorite additions to our craft supplies. I bought them when I was going to make Kinsley's birthday plate and fell in love.

Painting Plates
She's so serious when she draws.

Painting Plates 2
But she really was having fun.

We bought some small plates from the dollar tree and just freehanded our designs right onto the plates with our markers. Then let them sit for 24 hours and bake according to the directions on the pen. So easy and such a great way to do a personalized gift. We bought our markers at Michaels (about $4), they were the only local place we could find them.

Painting Plates 4

Aren't they cute? I'll be keeping the tree plate for myself so we might have to go pick up some more plates.

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