Friday, December 2, 2011

Santa and the Carousel

We took the girls to see Santa about a week ago. We had a great day out but I'm not sure Kaitlyn will ever forgive us. Ever. I really wasn't expecting her to have a problem since she generally loves strangers and loved Santa last year. Really Kinsley was the one I was more worried about since she's so timid. I was wrong.


Santa Day Pic 7
The best photo we could get. Obviously she wasn't happy, but she did calm down.

Santa Day Pic 8
The other girls loved him.

Santa Day Pic 9
What?!? A candy cane? You think THIS is supposed to help me?

And let me just say, for the record, that I am not one of those people that takes my kid to Santa just to get a picture of them being miserable and screaming. In fact if I had really thought she'd hate him I would never have taken her. This whole process lasted a minute, maybe two and then I rescued her.

The big girls went with us too but I didn't figure they wanted their Santa picture online. Maybe I'll save that for blackmail...

They were much happier about having their pictures taken outside. Kinsley is getting to be quite the little ham. None of the pictures were posed, I just snapped away as quickly as I could before Kait could get a chance to jump off.

Santa Day Pic 5

Santa Day Pic 4

Santa Day Pic 3
See the candycane all over her face? ha!

Santa Girl
This face is what kills me though. This girl, oh goodness. Can you even stand how beautiful she is?

They also got to do some mall shopping and ride the carousel which is always a big deal.

Carousel Pic 3


Especially for this little one. This was the first time she has ever stayed on the carousel long enough to ride. It was a little iffy at first but I cheered and waved (and made a complete fool of myself) to try and show her how fun it was. By the time it was over she was so happy and waved bye to all the horses.


  1. awww! You just never know how they will respond.

    That candy cane picture is absolutely priceless!

  2. I know. I truly thought she'd enjoy it. Thankfully she loves "tanta" now.