Monday, December 19, 2011

Sweet and Simple


I seem to be missing a lot of my Christmas spirit this year or rather as the season has gone on my cheer has seemed to dwindle. I was lamenting about my lack of holiday happiness just the other night and trying to figure out what the cause might me. For a multitude of reasons I find myself with just a handful of days left until Christmas and an enormous number of things left on my to-do list (which isn’t unusual). We’ve had more commitments this year and I’ve spent too many nights staying up late and dragging myself through the mornings. I took a moment to do some blog reading this morning and this post over at Soulemama really resonated with me. I think we’ll follow her lead and just step back and relax, pull out our favorite blankets and settle in.

Sure I could stress over the fact that I haven’t completed one single handmade gift for my loved ones this year or that we won’t have our new stockings in time for Santa’s visit. I could worry about how we haven’t baked any cookies or goodies yet or the fact that (once again) we didn’t get Christmas cards in the mail. Instead I am going to stop and just enjoy the rest of the (very short) holiday season with my girls, following their lead and loving every minute of it. That is truly what is most important.

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