Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Saint Nicholas

The slippers were placed at the foot of the tree last night in anticipation of our first ever celebration of Saint Nicholas Day.

Saint Nicholas

The girls woke this morning to find a candy cane, some gold coins and a new St. Nicholas figure filling their slippers.

Saint Nicholas 2
(sorry for the dark pictures, there is no natural light as early as we start our day)

The rest of the day has been filled with stories, coloring pages and activities centered around Saint Nicholas. Hopefully this afternoon we will be braving the cold to deliver the toys we collected for the local toy drive. A perfect day to remember to think of others before ourselves and help in any way we can.

(If you need a little help with some ideas the St. Nicholas Center is definitely the place to look, thank heavens for the internet.)


  1. :) This is fabulous! I wish I had done it this year but it's so on the agenda for next year. :) Is that book "the Star Child"?

  2. Yes, that is the book. It's a new addition for us this year. I'm excited.