Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Boys and birds

Have you made these birds yet? It is such a fun and easy pattern. Great for a last minute baby gift since they go together so quickly and easily.

Boys Birds

I've made them for every new member of our family since Kinsley and they've been a big hit with all of them. I made a few changes, adding a bell inside and a ribbon tail and they've become a fun toy. My girls mostly use theirs like missiles now but at least they are still being played with.

I also finally made the tie applique shirts that is seems like everyone else has already made. I've had them bookmarked forever and I don't know why they kept getting bumped down the list.

Boys Shirts

Much more comfy than an actual tie and super cute too. I printed this template , from Crap I've Made, to make mine. She has a picture tutorial too if you're new to applique.

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