Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter week

Brrr. What a cold morning to start our week. I was beginning to think that Winter was just going to skip us this year but today we are reminded that winter isn't quite over yet. I think it is one of those days to stay in warm jammies and stick close to the fire. We have a lot more cleaning out and organized ahead of us this week (neverending it seems) but we're also going to be working on some valentine projects.

Painting Day

Little miss Kait is finally starting to take a (very small) interest in our crafting though she still prefers to try and eat whatever supplies we may be working with. It will come in time I'm sure.

Painting Day 2

Painting Day 3

We need to get better paint brushes though, something a bit more sturdy and reliable for small hands. I'm not sure if I should just pick up some nice 'adult' brushes from the craft store or go for some of the thicker ones designed for kids. I'll likely end up doing both, a set for each girl perhaps.

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