Thursday, February 2, 2012

Seuss Party...Part 2

Everyone had such a great time at the boys' birthday party. Somehow it managed to be pretty stress free and none of the kids had any major meltdowns so it was a success. Obviously the boys didn't understand why there was a party but they liked it anyway. Especially the cupcakes!

Party 21

Party 22

And what good would a Seuss party be without some matching outfits. The boys, of course, needed to be Thing 1 and Thing 2 although we weren't quite sure which one should get which number but since Andrew is technically a few seconds older he got number 1.

Party 41

Party 14

Party 18

Party 17

But of course babies need bibs. Even if we didn't remember to have them wear them during the cupcake eating process. Whoops.

Party 13

Party 19

Party 20

Party 42

Party 43

Party 46

Party 48

Party 47

The Seuss fabrics were all so cute that I couldn't resist making the girls some party dresses as well. Kinsley picked the yellow fabric for hers and Kait got the Cat in the Hat. She walked around saying "hat mama! Hat!" and pointing to her dress. I made the dresses a bit bigger than their actual size thinking they could wear them some this Spring but it turns out they have grown since the last time I took their measurements and Kait may not be able to wear her dress again. She's growing way too fast.

Party 38

Party 30

Party 40

Party 29

Party 25

Party 49

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