Thursday, February 9, 2012

Toilet paper roll heart painting

I love Deborah over at Teach Preschool and have gotten so many great ideas from her blog, like this heart stamping activity.

Heart Printing Pic 9

Easy Peasy. Gather up your supplies:

Toilet Paper Roll--I cut one roll in half since that was all I had empty
Paint (we used acrylic)

Heart Printing

I taped the papers down to the table to keep them from slipping but mostly to keep Kaitlyn from throwing hers into the floor.

Heart Printing 2
I spread a layer of the acrylic paint into a couple small glass bowls to help keep the mess contained. You could just as easly spread it on a paper plate or piece of waxed paper.

Heart Printing 3
Then take your toilet paper roll and squish it into the shape of a heart. I wrapped it with scotch tape to help it hold its shape but that wouldn't be necessary for older kids.

Then you just turn them loose and let them go!

Heart Printing 4

Heart Printing Pic 5

Heart Printing 6

Kait quickly tired of getting paint on her fingers and opted for a brush. (not that it was any less messy)

Heart Printing Pic 7
Kinsley decided to use a brush and fill in her second page of hearts.

Heart Printing 9

Heart Printing Pic 8

We ended up with some terrific Valentine art for the house and the girls had a great time painting with something just a bit different.


  1. Ok - I am soooo jealous that your hearts turned out so cute!!! I love this and love your blog! I will bookmark it in my reader for sure!

  2. Thanks so much Deborah! It was such a fun project for the girls.