Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!


Hope everyone is having a terrific and lovely day today. The girls and I are immersing ourselves in all things pink and lovely (and yummy). Daddy is really the one in charge of Valentine's day gifts so I take on the roll of filling our day with hearts and fun. We started the day off with some new Valentine socks inside pink mailboxes and a love themed breakfast.

Valentine Breakfast

I haven't done Bentos as often lately so the girls were especially surprised to see one this morning. Kaitlyn even ate her toast, which is a big deal for her. I need to remind myself to do them more often.

Just before nap Kinsley whipped up some of this 'Fudge' we found on Pinterest. It was a perfect easy recipe for Kinsley to do and doing it right before nap made the time it needed to stay in the fridge easy to handle.

Two ingredients:
White chocolate chips
Strawberry frosting

Fudge 1

Dump the chocolate chips in a bowl and resist the urge to dive right in and eat them all. What? That's not just me right?

Fudge 2

Melt them in the microwave and then add in the frosting and mix well.

Fudge 3

Or if you're Kaitlyn just eat some and watch.

Fudge 4

Doesn't this look good?

Fudge 5

Then we spread it into a pan we coated with a bit of cooking spray and decorated the top with some heart sprinkles.

Fudge 6

It's so cute!

Fudge 7

Pop it in the fridge for a bit to harden and you're finished. I cut a few out with a heart shaped cookie cutter but I had a hard time getting them out of the pan in one piece. I think if we had used a smaller pan, so they would be a bit thicker, it wouldn't have been a problem.

I will warn you though, they are like eating pure sugar. Definitely a case of a little goes a long way.

Fudge 8

We definitely won't be eating all of them with our after nap snack.

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