Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Play

We're still working on some Valentine crafts today but this morning we woke to a thin layer of snow outside. The girls always really want to play in the snow but within 5 minutes are complaining of the cold and ready to come inside. This time mama was prepared and last night I put an empty plastic tub out on the back porch to catch some snow for a little inside snow play.

Snow Sensory Tub

Snow Sensory Tub 2

Snow Sensory Tub 3

They had a blast playing with snow for the next hour. Building animals, making shapes and eating lots and lots of it before it finally melted.

Valentine Pic 1

We also had a Valentine station set up this weekend so they could make Valentines as the mood hit them. I took one of our 6 count muffin tins and filled each compartment with different papers and supplies.

Valentine Pic 2

It's always easy to tell which art belongs to Kinsley because everything is usually in a straight line.

Today we're going to be doing some pages from this Pre-K Valentine pack from Over the Big Moon! It is full of fun pages and there are things both girls will be able to do which is nice.

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