Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Seuss Party...Part 1

Yea! We're back in business, back home and all technology working properly. It's about time. The girls and I took a mini vacation and went to help get things ready for a very special double birthday. My nephews turned 1 last week and we were all ready to celebrate! They are quite the little miracles and even though they had such a rough start they are doing incredible now and have turned into quite the little handfuls. My sister certainly has her work cut out for her.

We did a Dr. Seuss/Thing 1 & Thing 2 party and it was fun, colorful and perfect for them. To keep from completely overloading this post with photos I'm going to keep this post to the party details and do a second post of the kiddos and party fun.

Party 35

Party 10

The incredible birthday banner came from The Moxie Shoppe on Etsy and we couldn't have been more pleased with it. She made the cupcake toppers too! My sister actually decided to decorate the boys' bedroom with the party supplies after it was over.

Party 6

Party 7

party 1

We had everyone at the party sign a book for each boy as a keepsake from the party.

Party 34

Party 33

Party 31

Party 37

Party 36

Party 12

Party 11

Party 4

Party 3

My sister made each of the boys a plate too. They are so much fun and I love how decorating the ceramics seems to have taken off lately. It's a great project for just about any occasion.

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