Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Storm Warning

I hadn't intended to take such a lengthy blogging break this time around but it has been just what I needed. After having my wisdom teeth out last week I was down for the count. I truly didn't realize what I was getting myself into and wasn't prepared for any of it. Thankfully I have an incredible family that stepped up and without my hubby, mom, and mother-in-law things wouldn't have gone so smoothly around here. I'm happy to report that I'm nearly back to 100% and now that I can actually eat something I'm feeling much more like myself and things are getting back into routine around here. It's about time. The girls were really feeling the change this time and already this week I can see things starting to settle back down.

We did have an unexpected bump in the road last night in the form of some severe weather. The girls slept through the entire thing but I stayed up to make sure the storm passed us by with no trouble. Some strong winds but nothing to worry about in the end. It did, however, make me realize that I haven't done any preparing for this years storm season as of yet. Our emergency bag was still packed, of course, but hadn't been updated in several months. The flashlights were scattered and many of them with dead batteries after the power outage last week. Not a good sign.

So this morning the girls and I will be getting ready.

Playing Tornado

Today the girls and I will be going through our bags to make sure everything inside is current, getting familiar with our safe location and learning a bit about tornadoes. If you have any good links for teaching young children about severe weather send them my way!

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