Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tree of Love

Love Tree 7

One last post today for Valentine's Day. After nap we had some time we needed to fill so we made a love tree for each girl.

All you need is:

Green construction paper
A paper to glue them onto
Scissors, pen and glue

Love Tree

I cut all the hearts out while the girls were napping and did about 12 for each tree. You can do as many or a few as you want.

Love Tree 2

Then when they woke up we traced their hands and arms onto the green paper to make the trunk of our tree.

Love Tree 3

Glue the "tree" to the other paper. (we used legal size to give us plenty of room for the hearts)

Love Tree 4

Then glue the heart "leaves" all around the tree.

Love Tree 5

After we glued on all the hearts the girls told me all the things they love so I could write them on their hearts.

Love Tree 6

I put their names and the year at the top of each page. I plan to do this every year, Ithink it is a nice way to see what things they value at each age.

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