Sunday, February 19, 2012



I just received the most fun little birthday gift in the mail. My sister sent this little jar topper to me and said it looked like something I'd like to try out. She was right, I couldn't wait to try it. But first I had to make some iced tea, I think it is pretty much a requirement to drink tea out of a glass jar (something I inherited from my mother no doubt). It's BPA free and recyclable so if it gets worn out or chewed up I can just toss it in the recycling. Yea!

Cuppow 2

I've started journaling again (which I missed so very much) and since today was such a nice day I thought I'd take it outside. Perfect chance to try out my Cuppow. I actually really liked it, and the girls thought it was so neat. It just sits on the top of the jar and you screw the ring down like normal. It will be great for the summer to keep things out of my drink while I'm outside. The only complaint I have is that it only fits on wide-mouth jars. I would love one that fits on a smaller mouth jar so that I could use them for the girls. These wide-mouth jars are a bit too big for Kait to carry around. Does anyone know if someone makes them for small jars? I definitely would like to have a couple more though as I can see it getting a lot of use.

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